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About Us

Hey there! We're Ketana (human) and Coda (doggo) and we're the owners of Holisticanine! 

I've always been interested in natural products and when I got my fur baby, I knew that I wanted to extend that same interest to the products that I was using for him. Pet cancer rates have been on the rise, which is close to my heart because I, myself, am a cancer survivor! In order to decrease any chances for Coda, I knew that I wanted to be conscious of the ingredients in his products, food, and even toys! That's why at Holisticanine, you have a catalog of safe and non-toxic approved products that have been vetted through my research.

It's the easy, non-toxic and natural one-stop shop for all your pet's needs! 


Ketana & Coda


if you ever need help with anything or need to contact us, you can reach us at or DM us on Instagram @holisticanine  :)